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«What joy is in a foreign land? It's in the native lands»

“Eternal truths” of K.N.Batyushkov

  1. The first rule of this science (poetry – the author’s footnote) must be: live as you write and write as you live. Otherwise, all echoes of your lyre will be insincere.
  2. Poetry, I dare say, requires the whole man.
  3. The main advantage of a poetic syllable is dynamics, power and clarity.
  4. A syllable is an order and action, into which we put our thoughts.
  5. The epopee, dramatics, lyric poetry, history, spiritual and civil eloquence require greatest efforts of mind, elevated and ardent imagination.
  6. Great writers form language; they give direction to it and leave on it an indelible print of a genius.
  7. Contemplating nature feeds the soul, inspires the poet’s thoughts, which become freer and stronger. 
  8. To live in the society, to bear a heavy joke of positions, which are often worthless and fussy, and to wish adjusting the benefits of pride with the desire of fame is a really vain requirement.
  9. Praise contributes to the development of talent, but genuine, great talent won’t die without praise.