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«What joy is in a foreign land? It's in the native lands»

K.N. Batyushkov in Hantanovo

1807, September – together with his sisters Alexandra and Varvara he moved to the family estate of his mother, village Hantanovo, Poshehonskoye district of Yaroslavl’s province.

The autumn of 1807, which Batyushkov spent in Hantanovo, was especially productive. It’s noted by many researchers of his creative work, including V.V. Gura: “Here he experienced loneliness, days of weariness and happy moments of inspiration. It happened so that here he created his best works in verse and prose and entered the mature period of creative work”.

This is how the poet himself describes the village atmosphere: “I opened the window and I see: nymph IO, my dear, is walking and mumbles God knows what; two Ledas are screaming unmercifully. Look…there, in the shadows…sheep, maybe form the herds of king Admet…”. K.N. Batyushkov is in his romantic world, but we see that it is the village that makes him dream recollecting the images of ancient Greek mythology (according to the website: http://www.cult-and-art.net/poetry/100846-vologodchina_batjushkova).   

1808, April-June – the manor garden was laid in the estate with the direct participation of the poet.

1809, the second half of July – the beginning of December – seven poems were written and published.

1810, July-December – more than 20 poems and “a pile of prose” were written. Sixteen poems and five prosaic (prose) experiments were published. K. N. Batyushkov left for Vologda on the 25th of December.

1811, the 14th of July-the end of the year – he lived in Hantanovo, read and translated Italian poets, kept the house. He created the epistle “My hearth and home”, several minor poems and an essay “A walk in Moscow”. Four poems were published.

1815, February – the 8th of June – the story “A homester and a wanderer”.

1815, February – the 8th of June – the story “A homester and a wanderer”.

1816 – at the end of December he moved to Hantanovo. Eight poems and a work in prose ‘Evening at Kantemir” were written. He prepared the 1st volume of “Experiments…”

1817, January-August – he lived in Hantanovo. He was preparing the 2nd volume of “Experiments…” At the beginning of September “Experiments in verse and prose” were published (appeared in print).

1818, September – he arranged household chores and prepared for going abroad.